Do Windows Need Vertical or Horizontal Blinds?

Do Windows Need Vertical or Horizontal Blinds?

Choosing between horizontal blinds and vertical blinds is often a difficult task, but with the expert help from our team at Window Wonders you’ll find that the perfect look for your home or office is just a call away. Here at Window Wonders we offer a large selection of Hunter Douglas blinds in either vertical or horizontal orientation. Before choosing custom blinds, consider these ideas to make your choice easier:

Window Sizes and Blinds Choices

Custom blinds are designed to fit your window perfectly. New innovations allow less light gap and better fitting slats for more light control and greater privacy. All our window treatments are made to your window’s measurements so you never have to worry about getting an ill-fitting blind. Large window areas typically call for a vertical window treatment. This is especially true with sliding glass doors. Shorter, wider windows will often look better in horizontal blinds. Tall windows can go either way, however we typically lean toward a vertical blind if the window is narrow.

The Effect of Vertical Blinds or Horizontal Blinds On Your Décor

Lines can have a dramatic effect on the overall look and feel of your room. Vertical blinds can create lines in the room that can make a small room appear taller. They can also make a wide-open space appear narrower. Vertical window treatments and the vertical lines they help create, can make a room feel more formal and give a sense of grandeur. Horizontal window treatments and the horizontal lines they create, can help do the opposite. They can help lower a ceiling to give the room a more intimate atmosphere. They can also widen a narrow space making some rooms appear more spacious.

Why Choose Custom Blinds?

Horizontal and vertical blinds are a perfect choice for today’s home. They offer a crisp, clean look at the windows. Hunter Douglas blinds are quality crafted with attention to every detail. They are durable; easy to care for and have easy to use operating systems giving them a convenience you’ll love. Custom blinds come in a multitude of products, styles, materials and colors, so finding a perfect fit for your personal taste and décor style is never a problem. You have many options when choosing either a horizontal blind or a vertical blind: options like slat or vane size can range anywhere from 1” to up to 17” in our Skyline® Gliding Window Panels. You can also choose between wood, faux wood, vinyl, fabric and aluminum. For areas of the home with multiple windows and window sizes, you can choose a material that is available in both horizontal and vertical orientation. Custom blinds can also be designed to cater to your needs and desires. Choose a wider slat or vane for a better viewing area. Choose PowerView® Motorization for more convenience and automatic control. Today’s blinds are extraordinary and provide all the light control, privacy and style you’ll ever want.

Finding Custom Blinds in Sedona

Here at Window Wonders, we serve the following areas in Arizona: Sedona, Prescott, Cottonwood, and Oak Creek. We will be happy to help you discover the perfect window treatment for your home or office. Call us at Window Wonders today for a free in-home consultation.